Refinishing Existing Floors is a 3-step process for finishing existing floors. We start off sanding your floors with a rough grit sand paper to ensure all of the existing polyurethane and/or stain is completely removed. Then we move to a finer sand paper to smooth the floor. Finally, we buff the floors with a very fine grit screen which ensures a super smooth surface for finishing. For retaining the natural beauty, we apply 3 solid coats of commercial grade oil-base polyurethane or environmentally friendly water-base polyurethane. In between the coats of polyurethane, we do a very fine sanding to ensure the correct bonding of the polyurethane and a smooth finish coat.

















Frequently asked questions:

How long is the process?
To sand and finish floors natural is typically a 3-day process. After the first initial sanding we apply one coat of polyurethane each day - equally 3 coats.

How long does it take for the finish to dry?
Under normal circumstances, the drying process is about 8 hours (using oil-base polyurethane) for the floors to be dry to the touch. If using water-base polyurethane it is usually a 2-3 hour drying time.

How soon can I move my furniture back into the room(s)?
This could be anywhere between 24-48 hours for the furniture to be "gently" placed back in your newly finished room. Though the floors will be dry to the touch, it generally takes a full week for the floors to completely "cure". We recommend that you NEVER slide or drag any furniture across the newly finished floor. It should always be "placed gently" on the new floor. Any furniture like dining room chairs or ottomans - which could be slid or moved frequently - should ALWAYS have felt on the bottoms of the legs to prevent any possible scratches.

Will there be dust to clean up afterward?
No, we take the time to properly seal all doors, existing work area, cabinets and built-ins. Products used to seal work area(s) are light painter's plastic and 3M blue tape. Also, job-site cleanup is very important to us. At the end of your flooring project, we clean up everything so the only thing you have to do is enjoy your beautiful new floors!